Today I watched a special report which broadcasts speakers at the memorial for fallen Dallas police officers. The wheels started turning in about every direction in my mind. One gear would lead me to think about how much publicity these fallen members get, they are nearly worshiped for their life they had and devoted. My thoughts move towards the families that are left to mourn as I recently lost my dad. Of course I’m greatful for what they contributed to  society but my point here isn’t to take away from that but to shift into thoughts about how some lives are viewed as having more worth than others. I believe we were all created equally, meaning with the same life quality as compared to a person who has nothing, equally amounting to the life of someone who has accumulated riches. There are policemen and women who die daily and aren’t given national attention to, much less the life of any other loved one who died by some other means. 

-Until I have more time…live the life you love

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