in the eyes of the stranger…

In the eyes of the stranger…
(God help me!) _ I see no danger 🙂
In the eyes of the stranger
I see a new world,
Dare I say? adventure!
I see my hopes and dreams
My pains and my sorrows
There’s nothing strange about
This strange stranger’s soul…
Just like my own, it’s
Bend and beaten,
cut and strangely deformed
It’s been down “to hell and back”
few times… Hmmm! It still walks!
Staring at these stranger’s eyes shadows –
I shy away my glare… For I know!
They have seen it all…
Deep scars,
black and blue bruises.
A pleasant wine mixed with longing and more…
Yet! They just
Made it more … oh!!…
So much more beautiful!
Even more then when born.
I’m sure of it! I’d bet you,
just tell me what…

Just one casual glance in
Those dark stranger’s eyes…
I can see it so clearly…
Just like washed rainbow skies
after storm.
They’re not just open windows,
they’re an “open-shut” door
to this sweet stranger’s soul.
A whole new world!
A pleasant surprise!
A vast galaxy –
all mystical!
Deadly deep like the ocean’s Deepest.
Hardly reachable like the merciless Everest.
Breath-taking and amazingly beautiful
as the African purple sunset.
Majestic and dangerous
like ocean waves.

If you dare keep your glance
for a second
Or two…
Even three – If you’re really brave!!!
You may find something …
Well, expected, predictable
Painfully known and oh! so trivial …
You might just find a
Lips that open
Not to hurt,
But to bless you!
Eyes that glance innocently back!
… almost innocent _ at a second glance 🙂
Hands that feel the same beauty
you admire…
A heartbeat that rhythms with your heart.
Soul that touches yours without touching,
Another universe bumping into yours!
Dare you stare for a moment longer?
You might find a friend.


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