Love is…

LOVE is when you are not here and waiting for you has the taste of a sweet strawberry jelly. Every time.

LOVE is when you are here and I look into your eyes and forget what I was going to do before you came.

LOVE is when you hear the fast beating of my heart through my t-shirt…. through the walls… beyond the street… beyond many kindgoms.

LOVE is when we are silent together, listening to the quiet conversations of our thoughts.

LOVE is when I look into the mirror and I see YOU.

LOVE is when the city is full of fireworks and music which only I can see and hear… because you are close to me.

LOVE is when neither far nor close distances between us can separate us.

LOVE is when I am hurt, but you are hurting.

LOVE is when you are a ship and I am all the ports of the world.

LOVE is when the taste of your lips is my temptation. Every time.

LOVE is when you are falling apart and I know how to put the pieces back together.

LOVE is when laughter drawns the loneliness.

LOVE is when the most important thing for me is for you to be happy, even if that doesn’t include me.

LOVE is when you walk away …. because you don’t want to hurt me.

LOVE is when I stay awake and dream about you till the morning… so that our tomorrow would come sooner.

LOVE is when you are a constant tune in the melody of my thoughts.

LOVE is when you know that I am here for you, no matter what.

LOVE is when we feel alarmingly real, unlogically beautiful, and tearfully tender…

LOVE is when we can’t forget each other even through a very busy day or crazy parties or other friendships…

LOVE is when we lie down at two ends of the world …. but we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

LOVE is when I want you … and you want me…. more than words can tell.

LOVE is when you put your hand in your pocket to take out the keys to your house …. and you find there the keys to mine.

May 11, 2011 at 1:43am

(translated / edited, unknown author)

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