missing u

I missed you so much

So I wrote you a love song

Feel my whisper, I love you…

Know, your love makes me strong.

…Stronger to smile at my future,

Bolder to face my mistakes,

Happier even when I’m crying,

Knowing that I can share with u all my days…

What would I do if you’re not somewhere?

How did I live before you lied to me for the first time 🙂

I thank God for the friend I found out there!

Or should I say, the friend He gave me! instead.

It’s not easy to find somebody,

Who can almost understand

In fact, it’s very hard to find anybody

Who would let u sing solo, while singing with u in duet…

Life is so short, they used to tell us,

Do you remember … we just grinned at them!!! 😉

But today we stare at the few greys in the morror

And we finally realize why they were smiling graciously back?!!

Yes, life is too short

Days come and go fast

Weeks pass and the months fly away

Piling love and hate, years behind us…

Time stops for none!!

So, my dearest friend,

While it’s still now and today,

feel my whisper, I love you….

Know, I am truly blessed

Having you as my own… that’s not just a plus,

It’s the Amen to my heart’s inmost requests!!!



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