Monday, 7/11/16, 9:33pm, Elephant Butte Lake, NM

I’m sitting on the air mattress inside Kate’s tent. Our campsite is up on a bluff that overlooks an enormous, sapphire-blue lake, that is surrounded by beautiful desert buttes, in various shades of pink. 

This morning we went to the camp office at the Sandhills park in Texas and rented disk sleds. The park ranger handed us a huge chunk of canning wax and told us to wax the underside before we go. We drove up to the picnic area with the tallest dunes and then walked up to the peak. But it didn’t work. I would only move if I used my arms and then I would just tip over off the disk and into the sand. I was covered in sand. We still have sand everywhere. In the tent, in our suitcases, in our shoes. We showered and hit the road for El Paso.

We got to El Paso about 1pm. We found a parking lot and walked across the bridge to Juarez. We walked around a lot and looked at many things. We ate beef flautas at a little loncheria. It was super hot and we didn’t really know what to do so we just went back to El Paso. The immigration process was completely different than it is in Laredo, and much more like going through at the airport. 

We drove to Las Cruces to go to Wal-Mart. The strong winds this morning in the sand hills blew the tent over and snapped one of the poles. We stopped to get electrical tape, duct tape and scissors. Then we drove on to Elephant Butte Lake state park, where we are camping right now. We set up camp and drove down to the massive, wide Beach, where some people have their tents set up. Swimming in this lake was an experience unlike any other.  The sun was low in the sky, the water so cold and crisp and clear. We had such a delicious swim. The lake deepens so gradually that by the time you can’t touch you are so far from shore. The pink sky and surrounding mountains were magical. It was such a great break from all this hundred degree desert heat.

We came back to camp and set up for dinner. It was the perfect meal. It was dusk so we could still see. We just got everything out of the cooler and threw stuff together. Salads with my butter lettuce, Kate’s sunflower seeds, my macadamia nut oil. Hard boiled eggs with salt and pepper. Cucumber slices with Annie’s lemon and chive dressing. A few pieces of Kate’s homemade dehydrated fruits and vegetables. 

I can’t believe I’m in this beautiful place. I’m so exhausted. 


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