Nightmares and Exploring Town

Normally nightmares wouldn’t scare me but last night….I woke up screaming. I was terrified and didn’t understand why I had such a dream. All I remember was feeling scared for my life and hiding in a closet. I shoved myself further into the wall but sadly couldn’t go any further. I closed my eyes tightly afraid that if I opened them he would find me. He? Who was he? I didn’t understand why I was afraid of a man. I wanted nothing more then to get out of the closet and show him a piece of my mind and fists but I was a slave to the fear in my nightmare. I could hear my heart beat in my ears and was afraid for a moment that he would be able to hear it too. My breathing was too loud and I covered my mouth firmly with my hand when I heard the sounds of footsteps in the room. I remember slowly opening my eyes and that’s when I screamed. I saw a pair of eyes looking back at me. They were black and soulless. The man dragged me out by my ankles but I couldn’t see his face. I kicked him away and got up as fast as I could and ran out of the room. I almost made it to the front door but he grabbed me. He gripped my hair tightly and slammed my head against the wall. When I turned to look at him I saw as the knife came down. Right before it reached me I woke up. 

I tried to forget about it the rest of the day because I wanted to find out more about the house. I went down to breakfast that morning and got a glass of water. I set it on the counter when I got my food but when I turned around the water was gone. At first I blamed Sky but she swore she didn’t take my water. Why would she? Maybe just to piss me off? Later before I left for town I went into the kitchen to grab the keys and saw the glass of water on the kitchen table. It couldn’t have been the same glass. There was no way that was possible and even if it was I was sure my sister was just playing a joke on me. 

I found out that a girl about a year younger then who was found in her basement stabbed to death. No one knows who did it but they assumed it was her boyfriend. Was this the dream I had? Did I see how she was killed? I assume there is no connection or at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself. I can’t help but feel bad for the girl. Maybe I’ll look more into her death. I feel like I owe it to her. Not much else happened in the small town. Everyone knew everyone and so new traveled fast about my sister and I moving here. No one knew the girl who was killed because she was home schooled by her parents and when their daughter was killed they left shortly after. The pain was too much for them and I can understand why. 

After I got home I looked down into the basement but I couldn’t gather enough courage to go down there. I didn’t even tell my family about what I found out. A part of me wanted to leave but another part wants me to stay and figure out this mystery girl. I’m going to go to the station tomorrow and do some digging. I want to find out who she is. Wish me luck. 


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