silent gb

Silent good-byes
Laser knives, so precise
So efficient
Bloodless ops,
Neat and innocent
Hemorrhaging just on the inside.
Forbidden cries… Yet, they scream
more than screaming,
Voiceless wails
down to the core of my being.
Silently saying good-bye
on the inside…
Screaming pain.
Burning hurt.
Running tears …
(They refuse to submit to my will!)
Bitter sweet.
I will miss.
So much miss.
Never found another so “my cup of tea”!
But Timing is silently numb.
To dream!
It’s too late.
To wish is a sin.
To want you is mean.
Bitter sweet
more than ever…
Never wanted so badly.
U seem all that I want.
You fit all just too lovely.
Like a made-for-me dress…
Dressed in your strong embrace!

I should not!

Cut it clear.
Make it end.
Nothing good comes from bad.

March 2015

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