uncried tears

When your tears threaten to
Spill over the rand of your eyelids,
Yet they stay there full and un-cried…
As if they want you to feel their pain for as long as their short lives could be…
Before you cry them out and maybe, the pain will be gone … Maybe!!
Definitely …
For sure…
Or just Maybe!!
Should I hate them or welcome them!?
They hurt… Yet, they’re heart-felt…
their sorrow is soothing and calming,
it melts…
Reminding me of the dawn,
and Its first birthing pains: purple strong, orange burning, melting red, they’re announcing a new day is born
It’s so promising,
But it’s loaded with burdens! So alone!

One of the strangest things I’ve ever felt –
Stubborn and bitter-sweet!
Those un-cried tears!

they just refuse to flow…

Mai 2015

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