I finally have time to write.  I feel like I’ve been on something like a vacation.  Similar, but not quite.  So I do have some news…Let’s see, about a week ago I hungout with Gregory.  I had an amazing time (as always).  He rented a 3 room hotel downtown which was beautiful.  We had a few drinks and a snack at a place nearby and then went back to the room because he wanted me to watch a movie he had bought for me.  It was a standup comedy special and it had to do with jail so he thought it would be funny for me to watch it and lighten the mood before my impending jail time.  He actually brought two movies and the first was an older movie and the volume only went up so high as to not bother the other guests in the hotel.  So Gregory, being the gentlemen that he is, took the liberty of asking the front desk if there was anything they could do to unlock the volume controls (like a bribe).  The technician they sent up didn’t know how to fix it so instead he brought us a complimentary bottle of champagne and a free movie to order to the room.  While we didn’t end up enjoying our free movie, we did pop open the bottle of champagne and watched the movie he had brought for us.  After the movie we were good and buzzed and we went to dinner at this ridiculously expensive restaurant that I’ve only been to twice in my life and one of the other times was with him.  We had a great meal and also got a glass of wine to try.  It felt good to catch up and just be with him and we got into a  conversation about how grateful we are to be in each others lives and no matter what happens we will always stay friends.  The word friend might vary as the years go by but either way we will always be in each others lives.  Somehow we ended up being the last people in the restaurant and started talking to the manger of the place who was super nice and asked us if we wanted to drink some wine with him.  By then I’m sure I was totally shitfaced but I tried to keep my composure since that was neither the time nor place to act up.  So we had quite a few glasses (of free) wine that night and he also brought us out a cheese plate and dessert.  I mean I was drunk and overly full from dinner but it was a good time.  Who could resist free things?  So after that it was probably 2AM and we went back to the hotel and started doing some pretty sexual things.  Not sex, but sexual.  It was a few hours before we were done and he left to go back to the bay area and I was so exhausted and drunk that I had to sleep there.  Plus, I had to be at work the next day.  I was a little worried my car wouldn’t start up because I have to blow into that stupid machine and if I even have the tiniest bit of alcohol in my system it won’t start and they’ll get that report and that will not be good at all.  So I feel like I only got a couple hours of sleep and then shortly after he left I just rested and tried to chug as much water as I could.  Luckily my car started and I left our beautiful hotel room and got to work in time.  I was tired but smiling all day because I had such a good time.  After that I went to my boyfriends house.  Yeah sounds bad but I’ve already done this for so long and I honestly can’t imagine both of them not being in my life.  I know eventually someone is going to find out something but I just can’t deal with that right now with so much other shit going on.  Actually, my boyfriend almost did find out when he went down on me and saw a hickey that Gregory had left.  I had no idea it was there.  He asked about it but I just said I knew nothing about it which was partially true.  I had someone cover my shift at work one day so we could go to the fair.  That was fun.  We only had about maybe 2 and a half beers each but I guess they were strong because after we got back we passed out for the rest of the night.  Then the other night I went out with a friend from work and his friends who I also work with but don’t really know all that well.  We had a booth and a couple bottles.  It was kinda weird for me because I haven’t been to a club in so long!  The scene was just different and while I did have fun I also realized that the club scene is just not my thing anymore.  It’s weird and it’s creepy.  I guess I’m just too old for that stuff anymore.  So yeah I’ve been pretty much going on a drinking spree.  Getting my last jollies in before I go to jail.  You’d think I’m going on death row or something.  So I have a few more days and then this Thursday I’ll be locked up.  At least I’ll have some good material…if I don’t get shanked. 

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