A rant and a love story

I’m in a blah mood thanks to the boy (and no, not The Man. I’m referring to Bobo). I’d rather not get too into my day of disappointment too much. I’ll recap.

1.) Got called into work. Saw the schedule – I’ve got lots of hours for the rest of the week. Big Boss says I can work 40 hours this week if I want… uh, I don’t want.

2.)  I opted to bring home desserts from work for the kiddies instead of my employee meal. Little did I know The Man arranged for a choice of either tacos for dinner of general tsao’s chicken. Neither options jive with my tummy. He’s been on a no snack kick… so picky me dined on watermelon.

3.) Bobo decided to be incredibly rude / disrespectful to me. He treated me as if he was dealing with Snoochie when I tried booting him off the television (politely) so I could watch a rented movie before I have to return them. I won’t get into specifics, but said movies have been returned without me watching them (because I’m stubborn) and said tv is unplugged and in my room. Yup. I’m that mad. He crossed that line.

So overall, not how I wanted today to go. It’s a hiccup. Tomorrow will be better.

However, I need to switch gears before I slip into a funk.

The Man. Back in the day he was friends with my sister’s boyfriend. The first time I met him was when my sister picked him and her boyfriend up from work and was also giving me a ride to the high school for band practice. That’s right. I played in band. 3rd chair clarinet. I’m not very good. Anyways, I had to sit in the back seat of the car with him. He asked me my name. I liked the tone of his voice, not too soft, not too deep. I told him. He informed me his girlfriend had the same name. I told him it’s a good name. He then explained how he instantly hated anyone else with that name. Squabbling ensued. Jerk. My sister was so fed up with the back seat bickering that she threatened to make me walk the rest of the way. It was August. It was scorching. I didn’t want to walk. I shut my mouth for the rest of the ride. I forgot all about it.

I had a serious boyfriend through all of high school. When we started going to college. We broke up. It was dramatic. It was traumatic. I think it was my first real heart break and I had a hard time letting go. For awhile I dated a lot of guys, trying to replace what I thought I had lost. I couldn’t take just being me being single. It’s like my love live completely defined who I was… and I let it consume me. It took a long time to get over him. It took me a long time to be happy being me. I still dated guys, but now I wasn’t rushing into things. If some one didn’t click I sent them packing. 

I went on a really bad date with a guy I had been seeing for awhile. He was a nice guy. We lacked chemistry. There was no spark. He tried to treat me how he thought he should, but it’s like this is how you treat any girl. I’m not any girl. I’m Ianna. He didn’t know me, really know me. On this particular bad date… it was a trip to Yankee Candle. I had originally planned on just taking my 18 month old nephew, but I invited the guy to tag-a-long. I think the guy saw my nephew as an intrusion. He treated my nephew like he was annoying burden. We went to a restaurant for dinner and by that point I’d had enough. I faked a stomach ache to end the date.

I drove my nephew back to my sister’s house. She was drinking with The Man while they were waiting for her boyfriend to come back. I told them the story of my horrific date. Some where in that moment, time stood still. My sister disappeared. My nephew disappeared. It was endless back and forth conversation with The Man. I can still remember exactly what we said to each other that night, well over 15 years ago.

He told me he saw me all around my college campus. I laughed and told him “but you never say hi”. I can’t remember if I’d ever noticed him on campus before, but…

Suddenly as the days past he was every where on campus. Oh, and he made sure to say “hi”. He was there when I was talking in a group with my friends. He was waiting as I left my classroom. I made jokes about him stalking me… but every time I saw him waiting for me I lit up like a fire cracker.

A few times going out to eat in between classes and one hill town party… and we finally had our first official date. We went downtown to get Thai food. We went for a walk on the bike path afterwards. When we kissed for the first time he asked my permission. We clicked in ways I didn’t know you could. I never get tired of talking to him. He left a love note under my pillow today. *Sigh*

I didn’t find what I’d been looking for until I stopped looking. That’s how I met  The Man.

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