CHAPTER SEVEN: Labour and Delivery

Do you want to know what the best contraceptive is to give a teenager?? Go into labour right in front of them!

It was a warm Saturday night in November. Around 6.30pm my aunty called me to see if I wanted to come over and have dinner with her and my 3 younger cousins. I mentioned to her that I thought I just had a Braxton Hicks contraction (Kind of like practice labour for those who don’t know). She told me to bring my bikini and we’d jump in the spa after dinner.

I made my way around there after gathering my things. I had another Braxton hicks on the drive over there (they only live 2 minutes away) so I was eager to get into he spa to see if that would stop them. We ate our dinner and quickly got changed and jumped into the spa. As soon as we got in my “Braxton Hicks” contractions started to intensify. My younger cousin started timing them for me. They quickly started coming around 2 minutes apart. This is when we realised they were not in fact Braxton Hicks, they were the real thing!

We got out of the spa and called the hospital. “First time mums often labour longer so stay at home until you cant handle the pain anymore then give us another call or come in”. We decided to drive to my place and get all the bags ready and basically wait it out until it was time to go into hospital. When I got home, a mere 15 minutes after calling the hospital I had the sudden urge to push. My aunty called the hospital again and they told her to get my in ASAP or call an ambulance. Me being an “Ill be fine” kind of person told my aunty not to call an ambulance and wait for my mum to come then we will go in. My mum finally arrived what seemed like hours later but was probably only 15 minutes. We got in the car and started our 25 minute drive to the hospital.

While in the car, contractions on top on contractions and needing to push but trying really hard not to, I text S. “I’m on my way to the hospital, now is the time to come If you’re going to change your mind.” he replied straight away “I’m really sorry I’m working up in Darwin I wont be able to make it. Give bubs a kiss for me” One of the many lies I would later find out he told.

We arrived at the hospital just after midnight. My aunty ran in and got me a wheel chair and a nurse quickly wheeled me into emergency. She left me sitting at the window waiting for someone to admit me and for an orderly to take me up to the labour ward. I was not impressed. Picture a Saturday night in a hospitals emergency department, its packed full of all kinds of people and there I am sitting there, contraction on top of contraction and needing to push! In the end after waiting what felt like 10 minutes I ended up yelling at the man behind the window “I NEED TO FUCKING PUSH”. This seemed to hurry him up lol.

They took me up into my delivery room and my midwife came in. She was a lovely woman who I had been seeing my entire pregnancy. Without asking much or even checking me she basically said first time mums labour longer and she might send me home! It was then that my waters broke. My midwife then decided she’d check my cervical dilation. “oh you’re at 10cm no wonder you need to push!” I felt like yelling “NO SHIT SHERLOCK!”.
It was then I gave one little push and my baby was crowning. “One more push” my midwife said and before I could  even really push, out flew my beautiful teeny tiny 5lb 10.5oz  baby GIRL!!!!

I was so in love. She was perfect, even though she did look a little funny and squishy for the first few hours! LOL

I text S later in the morning telling him he had a daughter but got no reply.

After a couple of hours we got moved into the maternity ward where I shared a room with a lady who didn’t know how to speak English, couldn’t calm her baby and insisted on having the bright light on for the whole night. Even with this I was still on cloud 9 and just couldn’t take my eyes off my precious daughter.

Later that day all my family came into visit. While they were all there I started to have PPH. They cleared the room while they ultimately tried to save my life. They had to call a code blue as I was going down hill quickly. I was so incredibly lucky I had amazing doctors and nurses there to help save me. After all this drama I was moved to a single room with more privacy.

Having my baby girl was so overwhelmingly joyous, yet so incredibly scary, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

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  1. I am so happy too that you had such good doctors and nurses that were there for you. Your daughter is a special gift and she always will be. You are so blessed.

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