Day 137 – Nice day

Tuesday, July 12th 2016

Today was a good one.

I started out the day by waking up early, which confused me, because I went to sleep at midnight. My body refused to sleep any longer, so I around 9 am I got up.

Around 11 am I started playing Pixelmon once again while switching up with trying to find a drawing style. I think I’m getting there! Speaking of Pixelmon though, there’s this guy I seemed to have made good friends with almost instantly. He’s 21 years old and quite nice. He also enjoys art and Harry Potter, which I’m like “yess”. He made me his town admin the other day, even though we didn’t talk all that much. He reminds me a little of my other online friend who often calls me cute (he also calls me cute), but with a younger personality, as if he was 16 as well or something, even though he’s older than my other online friend who’s 18. He’s a nice guy.

Other than that, I haven’t practiced my Japanese, argh! I completely forgot. I did the laundry though today (and my art) so I wasn’t completely unproductive.

That’s all for today.

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