First and Last Day

Well today is the first day that I’m actually be writing in a journal. Something that’s been on my mind for a while but somehow i couldn’t do it. Anyways, should i start with how i feel? The whole day my mind was revolving around one person, A.U. She was my everything, she is my everything. I don’t know why I did what I did. The whole day I was reminded about her how she was so lovely and how I missed her so goddamn much. Now i’m sitting on my desk writing about this. So anyways, the morning i woke up i had duty at SVHA, it was a home for the poor elderly. My client was gay but the thing that i really noticed during the whole morning of duty was that they had so much more life than what i had in me. As i came back to the classroom in the afternoon, my head spun around that one though, “they deserve more of a life than i do.” Even though some of them were abusive/abused in their younger years, i knew that i for sure was scared about my life. My mind is still blank after hearing her name though, like everything snapped into the past memories. EVERYTHING reminded me of her and how after 5 months she said the words she wouldnt say when we broke up. i was so happy and i was so sad all at the same time. i’d do anything to get her back besides sacrificing time i could be spending with her. Well i think i should wrap this up by saying that my whole day was wrapped around feelings about Life and Life with her.

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