Rollercoaster of emotions

The past 2 days I’ve been a rollercoaster of emotions he tried to contact me again after half a year and no goodbye apparently, he can’t understand that I don’t want to see him again. I block him in all my emails, social accounts, and my family did too, I didn’t give him my phone number neither I have tried to contact him in any other way, but he’s back trying to reach me and is stressing me out.

The distance between us makes me feel physically safe but is not enough I don’t feel protected he can do so much damage because he knows me better than anyone every secret, weakness or trigger. He loves to play mind games, always trying to screw me over waiting for a reaction and if he can’t find one he becomes angry and tries to retaliate looking for a way to hurt me cause I hurt his pride.

I get so anxious feeling like he will find a way to hurt me I try to deal with my emotions but I only get terrified, he’s like a shadow following me around and it gives me nightmares. I’m doing fine without him why he’s trying to come back, is it part of his game?

I don’t want to be back in his world of lies, deception, and suffering he did enough damage but it looks like he is not pleased.


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