Tuesday, 7/12/16, Some dude’s house, Trinidad, CO

My how things can change in 24 hours.

We left our beautiful campsite this morning and drove to Santa Fe. We got to town and ate at this groovy, hip Salvadoran place. We went to this super cool yard full of doors from India that formed kind of a maze. It was so cool. Then we walked around the plaza. We walked the labyrinth at the cathedral. We went and walked on Canyon road where all the galleries are. Then we ate dinner at la Choza, it was fantastic. We had other plans around Santa Fe but none of the campgrounds had electricity and/or showers. We decided to head to Trinidad lake state park. But then Jason offered us his friend’s place, which made me nervous. I was worried it would be some nasty place. Guess what. I was right. This places smells so fucking bad like cigarettes that I wanna die. Ugh. Also, it smells like mildew. The walls of every room are lined with shelves of VHS tapes and every piece of cheap, nasty furniture is in this house.

Also we stopped at the dispensary before we came to Jason’s.

I am in the front yard. I blew up my air mattress and got my pillow and sleeping bag. I’m so happy out here. It’s cool, quiet and smells lovely. I have no idea where Kate and Jason went but they aren’t here.



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