At the beginning where it always starts =)

My first post !

Where do I begin? Did you ask yourself the same question? So I’m new here, but I did actually create my account here in August 2013. I was like wow ! I don’t remember why I didn’t follow up on it, but giving it another try. I am a person who needs to write, I’ve come that far, realizing that much. It gets pretty messy and chaotic in my mind if I’m not able to get it out somehow. For me writing isn’t about writing down something then read about it later, for me it’s more like a “drain” If you know what I mean? It’s like when you pack a box with old things you don’t want anymore and you put it up on your loft. – That’s me!

I do write for hand too, that too gets a bit over my head sometimes, I don’t need to write everyday, but when I sort out my past, tearing it apart, remembering, well at least trying and then putting it inside a book. – oh dear ! – I’m actually doing pretty good. But I miss hitting the buttons when I write. I do like the sound when I type and write things here. 

What do you want to accomplish with writing here? – Well, I was thinking, to have easy access to something that’s digital, something a bit more private. Carrying my book to places is sometimes difficult. I’m afraid of readers, other eyes and of course judgement. – Then why this place, you do expose yourself here too? – Yes I do, but in another way I do feel anonymous, I’m still hidden, I’m not leaving traces, not SO obviously, and I manage to keep this place here just for my self. 

I’m not searching for someone to pitty me, feel sorry for me or give me comments. But I do welcome people to comment if they feel like it, I would of course not mind.

Then what is your goal of writing? – My goal is to feel well, sort my daily life, write about things that has an effect on me, either it’s from the past or now. Things that matters, things that I do carry around, things I think about. 

What do you want to write about yourself? – Everything, and that’s what different with writing here and writing it in a book. When it’s written in a book it’s there to be seen, the risk of others looking through the papers, I feel sometimes I do write with breaks on, there is not everything I can write. I want to feel free, I want to feel I can trust this keyboard and this laptop. It’s not that easy to get inside, through passwords and codes. Why I feel more confident with having a digital journal as well. 

Stay strong for now ~L~


3 thoughts on “At the beginning where it always starts =)”

  1. Dear L — I am glad to see you writing here. It is my favorite site. You are a writer, I can tell. And writers HAVE to write. It’s very compelling. I bet your book will be so good. Maybe I will get to read it someday. I have published 2 books. It’s exciting to see them bound with covers and artwork and an ISBN number! There’s nothing like the rush of it. You do have to take some risks when you let other people read your writing. One of my books is totally fiction; the librarian who read it smiled and said, “That little girl in the story—that’s you, isn’t it?” No. But that shows I wrote persuasively.
    Writers love words. Do you write poetry? If you are ever depressed, WRITE. My sister told me that and it works! God bless you and your creativity! Write on!

  2. Thank you very much for the reply. The book I am writing is only about my self and my life, well to publish it and sell it? Never got that far thinking about it. But I write my book as a journal. But writing is something I’ve always wanted to do, it’s necessary, and it makes me feel good when I can write things down.

    On the other hand, I love reading books, I just need to give my self time and reward my self “please sit and relax, and read a book!”

    I promise I will write, thank you so much for kind words, god bless. ~L~

  3. So, I came all the way back to the beginning and am reading. I, too, feel safer writing here instead of in my journals I have all around the house. Eventually, one day, unless I destroy them someone/my kids will probably read them when I am gone. So, I hold back. Here, I probably won’t do that. I also love the sound of the keys when I am typing and I can type a lot faster than I can write. When typing I can almost type as I think it in my head. Plus, I am here to meet others who maybe are struggling with the same things in their life as I am.

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