Botherin’ the moderatin’

Okay, I guess saying “bothing the moderators” isn’t very accurate. I pm them questions and worry that I shouldn’t be, to which they always thank me for bringing so and so to their attention. I was talking with one of them the other day, and they said something pretty awesome:

[Quote=Ben]A big part of our moderation policy is recognizing that it can be intimidating to contact, or especially be contacted by mod. Through community engagement and some careful wording, we do our best to break down those sorts of barriers, but we do occasionally have to be toughmods in some situations.

It’s honestly critical that I answer any message that’s related to modding. Community confidence in us is important. We’re volunteers, but we do our best to act professionally.

As for being a disruption, I encourage you not to think that way. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t be going around enforcing rules, we’d be answering queries and interacting with people. As it happens, we have to do both, but we always prefer interacting by answering questions and getting to know people.[/quote]

Honestly this is what I love about RPR, everyone is so chill, and the moderators act like real people too! I only wish they were less busy at times so that they could rp with us, they’re always so busy. Eh, I guess that’s my fault for bothering them with senseless questions. XD

And of course I can’t forget Kim! She is da bomb! She never never answers your questions, and always responds to pms, questions, or suggestions (usually with long explanations that explain everything perfectly!).

Ahh, RPR, I love you so. <3

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