Chapter 4 – Snow White

I was very happy when I got the invitation to Snow White’s birthday party. The Witcher was reluctant to go, but finally agreed when he heard that I would be there. The Dragon, who had recently moved to the capital, was jealous about me being so close without spending time with her and I bemusedly told Snow White, who proposed that I just took her with me. So we ended up having a fun evening, the Dragon, the Witcher, the Skeleton King and me sharing a table in an Irish pub.
That’s when I made up my mind to celebrate my birthday in the capital. Most of my friends lived there and I could just throw a smaller party in my hometown the day afterwards.

I spent some time thinking how really enjoyed spending time with Snow White. We have so much in common, right down to even looking similar to each other …

After the thought had struck me it didn’t let me go again. She was so like me – or better to say, I was so like her. The Witcher had no chance but to fall in love with me. It was her! She had been the only woman he had ever been with. The one who broke his heart. He had said it to me himself when he brought the poster to her: she lived down the street! She and her boyfriend had been together for almost ten years! I knew the Witcher and Snow White knew each other rather well, but thinking about it – had I ever seen them interacting more than necessary? Was there some distance between them I had yet failed to notice? Could it really be? It felt too easy, too much like in a movie or book, one of my best friends turning out to be the mysterious woman from the past. It was of little significance for the present, since he never talked about his past love, thus seeming to be over it. But the curiousity about whether I was right or not was just too much to bear.

After the emotions of the first shock ebbed away, I was sure I was just being silly again, that in reality puzzle tiles don’t fit together as conveniently as in stories. I even made fun of my theory in front of the Dragon and the Knight.
“Why do you say things like that?”, the Dragon said, taken aback.
“Come on, I wouldn’t say it if for one moment I really believed it to be true. It’s just funny to think about.”

Snow White and me were scouting possible locations for my birthday party when I confessed to her what I had told the Dragon – after all, if I was bold enough to tell silly stories behind her back, I could just as well be honest enough to let her know face to face.
“But it’s true”, she said.
I felt like being thrown into a very foreseeable romance novel.
On that evening I told her everything about the Witcher and me. I felt like I owed it to her, for her trust. And she told me about the short time she had been with the Witcher, that she had just fallen for him but never intended for it to be more than a brief love affair. He had scared her away when he asked her when she would break up with her boyfriend. 

 Afterwards I did not know what to say to him….

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