I never expected that having a baby would be easy, but boy I was thrown into the deep end, barely able to keep afloat.

After recovering from my post birth complications I thought life would start to settle down, however the universe had other ideas for us. My poor little baby was sick, and by sick I mean she threw up EVERYTHING she ate. Breast milk (the little of it I actually had) and any formula I gave her. She wouldn’t just throw up milk, she would throw up blood! She was readmitted back into hospital at 2 weeks with failure to thrive. Life with a sick newborn is beyond difficult, its the hardest thing I’ve ever had to endure. We spent seven long nights in the hospital then were finally allowed home after being diagnosed with severe acid reflux and a cows milk protein intolerance. She was put on medication and a special prescription formula.

Miss A got to around 5 weeks old when I was contacted by our government saying I needed to claim child support from S. I knew this was not going to go down well. I gave his details to the Child Support agency and whilst I was on the phone to the government department (centrelink if you’re in Australia 😉 ) S tried to call. He ended up sending me a text as I didn’t answer. He basically said that If anything ever happened to me he was going to come and take Miss A from my family and to basically NEVER contact him again. Father of the year right there! I heard nothing from L. I kept thinking how on earth can you number one, take someone back who cheated on you and number two, let him abandon his own child. I had no respect for her AT ALL. That was until 4.5 years later when she contacted me and I found out the shocking truth.

Over the course of the next six months we would be in and out of hospital several time with Miss A due to her reflux issues. She would throw up blood. Mass amounts. It was very scary. I finally found a paediatrician who listened to me and didn’t just fob me off saying I was a overreacting first time mum. This new paediatrician got us in to see the head gastroenterologist at the children’s hospital where they discovered she had a hiatus hernia which was the main cause of her reflux. She was put on the correct dosage of medication and we haven’t really had many issues since! I thank my lucky stars everyday I found that beautiful paediatrician who took me seriously and stopped my baby girl from being in such agonising pain.  

As time went on I settled into life as a single mum. It was Miss A and I against the world, she was my little shadow and my best friend.

5 thoughts on “CHAPTER EIGHT: Newborn Life”

  1. Having a baby is trauma enough—no matter how much you love them. Sleepless nights, constant laundry, the crying you can’t get to stop. There are no words to describe the challenge. But a sick baby—oh, my goodness! What a nightmare for you, being frightened for your little girl and helpless! Thank God you finally found that good pediatrician! Hope things will be easier now. I like that she is your best friend. That is so sweet and true. I can hear how much you love her. It’s all been worthwhile, hasn’t it? I ask God to guard and protect you and your little one, and give you peace and happiness. Hugs.

  2. Glad to her they were finally able to cure her! Medicine can do so many things nowadays, but especially as a young mom everybody seems to try to sooth you with kind words and placebos. You are very lucky to have found someone who is good at his/her job and didn’t just try to calm you down. I wish you all the best!

  3. Your entries have got me hooked! Can’t wait for the next one. 🙂

  4. You had such a difficult time with her in the beginning. That is so hard watching your child be sick and there is nothing you can do except hope the doctors give the right treatments to stop her from being sick. I am so glad that it all worked out and now you have a healthy girl.
    S was really being awful to you. He didn’t want to be bothered by anything in the beginning. He didn’t want to pay child support or even get to know his child. I’m glad that things have now changed in a better direction and he is willing to be a part of her life.

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