Do you have time?

I was with the physiotherapist last week, I had pain in the upper arm and just wanted to get it checked. Stress was what came out as the cause. Actually, it was a balloon that just needed to pierce. Today, the arm is much better, after four intensive treatments with the physiotherapist and including acupuncture. It hurts terribly when it’s on going, but it did  all good, the treatments were needed.

But what was underneath all this stress? – Going inside yourself, searching for answers can be pretty heavy sometimes, and it is ! Putting words on the issue, not just “I have pain in my arm” But serious mind searching. And it broke down to lot of things. Me and my husband have a four year old, we have a house, we have jobs, I exercise, and on top of it all I’m in a program for lifestyle change “Exercise more and be healthy” By doing all of these things something else need to go wrong. (!) So in order to be able to to manage all the things, I also need to stop for a moment and think “How important is that, will someone die if you don’t do it today? Will someone suffer if you don’t have the time to fix it today?” 

I’ve been running like this for quite some time now, I’m tired, tired in the morning, tired in the evening. But when I stopped for a moment thinking, Really? Necessarily? What will it do you? Does it matter? The answer is no ! Nobody will get hurt, nobody will die. Be a bit selfish and take it in a tempo you enjoy, were you can think.

That is a new start in my daily-life =)  


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  1. This is a great way of looking at things. I hope now that you have your twins and life is so busy that you remember this post 🙂

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