I forgot to write a journal lol

How did I? lol I completely forgot to write a journal last night and I didn’t even do anything but just went sleep right after shower. Shame on me…

Catching it up on Thursday. Started my Wednesday with skating to Sawtelle from my place. About 7 miles and took me about and hour to get there. It was fun but I’m not sure if I really enjoyed it tho. LA is just not a skating friendly city 🙁 Linna and I visited the warehouse in Downey, CA for the first time. It was slow season for us and there were not much going on there. However, it was good to see how we do things in warehouse and hear about how they work there.

Back to office right before 1 PM then had a lunch with Jo who started today as software engineer. Great food at the sushi restaurant across the street from the office then worked on the dashboard till end of the day.

Skate back to home and just took a shower then went to sleep without writing a journal lol.

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