July-13-16💯My future, My classes, just life

I suck at keeping a daily routine. I just quit trying tbh. I’m so tired and stressed out. Today i jacked up my presentation really bad. I comepletely forgot the entire thing and stood up there like an idiot. Ive never felt so embarrassed. When i got back to my seat i did mt best not to cry. Theres just alot going through my head, i just cant take it anymore. Those thoughts come and go. But they still get me bad. I still dont know what im going to do in the future. I mean i know what i want to do, but im too stupid to pass the right classes. I failed my algebra class with an F because i was a lazy ass. I want to be a game designer, but you need to be great in math, something i suck at. I don’t think ill be abl to be what i want. Maybe i’ll for something more basic, something i can acfually handle. Im so stupid, ao itll be hard to find something simple. But anyways, my dad needed some money so i gave him the rest of my money, which wasnt much cuz he still hasnt paid me back from last time. So a few minutes after he leaves, he called me and basically talks sh*t.I hang up and im playing with my SO so i continue what were doing, but i was already a bit grouchy. He comes home and tells me to get off the game blah blah. So now im just laying here, barely able to breathe. He keeps trying to make me look like the bad guy to his girlfriend. It sucks. I jist dont want to live right now, but hey, thats everyday.


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