Research on the Dead Girl (Sarah Risley)

Well I had that stupid dream again. I’m starting to think it might mean something. I tried to focus on the face but no features could be made. I wish I could figure out who the man was. 

I went to the station today to find out more about the girl that used to live in my house. However the police told me that I couldn’t get that kind of information so i decided to go to the library instead and try to dig up some old records. While I was focused on the computer screen a man interrupted me. “Are you new in town? I haven’t seen you around here before.” He said. It actually made me jump and I didn’t realize how stuck to the computer screen I was. I told him that yes I was new and where I lived. That’s when his face changed and the manor of his voice was weird. He sounded off. He told me he was to the house before but he didn’t say much more then that. Shortly after the awkward silence he left. 

However I did find out a little about the house and the girl. Her name was Sarah Risley. There was a picture of her in the paper and I was surprised to see how beautiful she was. It made me wonder why she was home schooled. The girl in the black and white picture stared back at me. The people who did the records on the house used pictures of the family too and it wasn’t just her. Why would someone want to kill her? Unfortunately it didn’t say much about her only that she lived there and her body was found but it did have her parents names. They were in the next town over. It’s time to get my sister involved. She can drive me there and I want to know more. I can’t help this feeling I have. I need to know who and why she was murdered.  



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