Stories are the window to the mind.

I had a awesome entry to write about hitting your mark. When I went to publish it my computer acted up and it got erased. I tried to write it again but it wasn’t as well written as the first one so I gave up until a later date. I have come to a conclusion though. You can find a good story in anything if you just look at it with the right rose-colored glasses on. Where I live we love to tell stories. Stories that are humorous, stories that are serious. Stories of things that excite us. Stories of people’s humiliation. If it’s story worthy you can bet everyone in town will know it. Stories are the best way we can see into other people’s minds. You see what each person finds interesting. You see if they’re over dramatic or tell it how it is. You see if they’re a good story teller or not. When someone tells a story they are recounting to you a memory they found important. To many people don’t listen now days. They miss out on a priceless gift. Most people don’t look at it that way. They see a story as a conversation that keeps them away from their phone or whatever they’d rather be doing. That’s a perk of a small town. We make a effort to hear the stories.  I once worked for a WW2 Veteran that was also a local cowboy. 92 years old and deaf as could be. Boy could that man tell stories though. He would talk for hours of how he broke his back chasing wild horses, got his purple heart, How his brother would still his car and go racing. A insurance company he started and his time as a Agriculture teacher. If you weren’t patient with him you wouldn’t get to hear his stories. If you didn’t get to hear his stories you wouldn’t get to know a man who should have a documentary written about him. This man went to live with his son but before he went he gave me a horse comb he made out of leather. It has his name carved into it as well as where he was from. I still take that comb out and show it to people when I recount that man’s stories. I guess what I’m trying to say here is put the electronics away. Sit down and shut up and listen to the memories. People will surprise you with what they have to say.

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