Tips for Getting Over Him

So I wrote an entry yesterday about how I have been struggling to get over my ex, I have tried dating other people and forgetting him but this just doesn’t work. A lovely user commented on this entry, saying they were on day one of the get over him cycle. In honor of this, I decided that there may be many other people facing the same problem and so, using things ive learned, I will do my best to help out my fellow females!

  1. get rid of his things. this may be hard to do, because you don’t want to let go, but chances are, if you give it a week and he’s still gone, things may not turn around. And having his things just sitting there will only make you feel worse
  2. Hang out with plenty of friends. Not his friends, but people you lost contact with due to the relationship pulling you away from these people. Renewing the connection with these people may help you feel better about losing something so important to you, by gaining something even better.
  3. Take a you day. go out and get that manicure, or paint your bedroom walls. cut your hair or buy that outfit. Do something he would never have let you do, let yourself feel in control again.
  4. Try to move on (but don’t force yourself). sometimes this helps but sometimes it only makes things worse.
  5. DONT GIVE UP! Sometimes breakups feel like the end of the world. You lost your best friend, now you have nothing. But take it from me and the millions of others who have gone through this phase, things WILL get better. Just hold your head high and plow through to a greater happiness!
  6. Get a good nights sleep. Sometimes we stay up late at night thinking about what went wrong. But sleep can actually refresh the brain, and the better rested you are, the more clearly you will be able to think about the situation.
  7. Keep a journal! This could be right here on the very site your reading from. I have written a lot of entries and they really help me to clear my head and choose between the big and not so big issues.

Hope these helped, and if theres anything else I can write to help you out, comment below and let me know!

One thought on “Tips for Getting Over Him”

  1. I joined this online journal to help me, but as I commented on someone else’s journal about “getting over” I said:

    Sometimes you have to view leaving someone and going through the heartbreak as if you were getting over an illness ….meaning when you are sick you are down, you feel bad that is expected so go with it, take care of yourself to get well you know you are sick (aka heartbroken) so you are on the mend, do things that will help the hurt and eventually …..(everyone’s time frame is different) eventually it will hurt less. That is how I look at it when I get into something i know is not good for me, I’m like “this is going to hurt” but I prepare myself to go thru the heartbreak until i’m healed….so don’t run from it (the hurt that comes from leaving someone) embrace it, take it head on, time is the ONLY thing that will heal this kind of stuff….believe me I wish they would invent a pill or have a professional hypnotist get you out of these feelings. This is all part of getting over and moving on.

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