A High School Teacher’s Thoughts

Hmmm, being a high school teacher, well educated, one would think this would be easy…my plans were to use this as a personal sounding board on event that occur in my life when I’m out and about….this usually means, but not always, men who hit one me for one reason or the other and what i chose to do about it…I need to search my brain and go back to a few incidents and move forward…anyone reading my journal, I would be delighted at feedback…

3 thoughts on “A High School Teacher’s Thoughts”

  1. It is hard to write. I consider myself an intelligent person as well, but most of the time I just write gibberish. Stream of consciousness stuff. Regardless, I usually feel good after I write. Get your thoughts out. It helps unclutter the brain.

    Be well.

  2. hmmm my thoughts were to try and do a day to day notes but somehow life just got in the way…guess i’m not really good at this…conversations with myself….I do better talking to people I guess…I know I need to get thoughts and feelings out and the annoying and good stuff that occur around me…E

  3. There is no “good at” or “bad at” when it comes to journaling. It just is. It is yours. When you are writing pretend you are talking to someone – if that helps the words flow freely. I’ve done that on occasion.
    Be well.

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