Letting go

I’m angry all the time now. I don’t know why I’m still here and I don’t know if I should be . I love Edrena but I don’t think she loves me anymore. I feel like I’m the only person who wants to make his relationship work and that makes me so mad. She constantly finds other things to do while I’m thinking about things for us to do together and I dot know if we should be together. I want to let go and stop thinking about our relationship and let what happens happen. I know I am I worhwile person and I believe that I can make someone happy and I need to get back to putting myself first and I need to help the people who help me like my mom. I owe her everything and I will make this business work and I need to just put this behind me and do what’s best for me .

One thought on “Letting go”

  1. Wishes for the very best life possible. I’m glad you have a wonderful mother. I know she must love you very much because you love her back. Let go of the past, like turning loose of a helium balloon. Start a new life, dear fellow. May it be brilliant! And full of Light, and God.

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