Memory #1

I sat and wrote in my diary the other day, and the theme was my grandparents. Actually, it was a very safe and secure period. They took the task very seriously, having to take care of a girl who had experienced a lot over the years. Talking about age differences, which really was a generation older, could be a very big challenge. I am very grateful that those grandparents could take care of me this difficult time.

The reason was that my mom had run away from me and Dad, to the South without a single note, my brother had chosen to move in a foster home, then as a fifteen-year-old. My brother had recently got the truth about his biological father which wasn’t my Dad. Knowing that my Dad was not his Dad, he couldn’t handle that truth for one second after finding it out.

Mom, Dad, my brother and me lived in a four-year period as a small family. Both my parents were alcoholics. Priority went to have parties and people at home or go out night after night, specially during the weekends. Sit among lots of people to drink, get wasted on alcohol, rather that than taking care of two kids who were at home with an unknown babysitter.

Child protection Service was eventually in the picture. They had for some time observed my father doing his “daily business” downtown. They came to pick me up at school, pretty discreet, and could then tell that my Dad had big plans for the weekend, to have a party at home, and he’d already bought alcohol for an whole army. They cared for me and was worried for my best being, and chose for me, in this case being a nine year old, that this home was not for me to stay in for now. 

It was frustrating and difficult for me, for I was alone, a nine year old who was very fond of his father. I looked after him when he was drunk, I got him home and was at the house when he needed guidance up the stairs, he needed me desperately. The roles were completely reversed, I was his caregiver, which was his mission to be – my parent! 

When it was thrown light on that Dad couldn’t take care of me anymore, I got to stay with my grandparents. What I didn’t know was that it was only temporary. Child protection Service was in full swing of finding a foster home to me, it was not certain that I could stay and continue growing up in the same city I was raised in, where I had safe surroundings, school and friends.

My grandparents fought for me during this period of time. I was not aware of what they went through with Child protection Service. I went to school, played with my friends and got to be a normal kid not having the responsibility I once had with my own Dad. I could be the kid I wanted to be, I could be my self. My grandparents won, they got the rights to take care of me, and therefor they went in signing a deal with them, that I would stay in their home until adult age, til time when I was ready to move for my self.

Today I’m more then grateful that they fought for me, cause it could end so much worse.

Thank you Grandma & Grandpa.



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  1. You are so lucky that you had such loving grandparents to take care of you. My dad was an alcoholic his entire life but he still was able to go to work and come home and take care of us. I guess were were lucky that our family was able to remain together. My best friend was like you. She was raised by her grandma and uncle from age 13 until she became an adult. Her mom was an alcoholic and her dad had left the family.
    You never know what lives other people have led. Each person you meet has their own story to tell. Even with all your heartache in your childhood you have become a loving wife and mother. You have been blessed.

  2. Thank you for the support and the comment grannie 3.

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