Monsters are real
They keep spreading terror and fear
That’s part of their chosen fate; a lifetime deal
even when their nasty tricks and twisted plots are often unclear

More monsters have appeared
They’re getting bolder and more cunning,
but only their threat’s already here
Have you felt the air closing in?

They’re not dragons, my dears
They may breathe fire
They always conspire
They look and talk like us,
but what’s really behind their mask?
They’re waiting for us to let our guard down
before burning us to ashes on the ground

Monsters are real
They’ve been around centuries before
They keep on coming back for more
Is it safe enough behind every locked door?
Are we completely sure?

How can we tell the difference,
when we keep ourselves caught in the same argument?
Oh, what a tailspin,
taking our time and killing our chances

Are we letting those monsters win?
Is this the sign of a dying dream?
Are we up for more fight for humanity,
before we finally reach the bitter end?

Are we part of them,
aiming for more destruction?



(Jakarta, 3/7/2016)

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