My Christmas in July CHALLENGE FOR YOU

I was on my way back from my mail route today and I was thinking about the Christmas in July trend that is so popular now. It made me start thinking ahead as to when we should start saving for Christmas shopping, how early to start buying etc. It then occurred to me to incorporate one of my Christmas ideas I was planning on sharing in this journal later on in the year. This is actually a CHALLENGE. I hope all who read this will participate but if you don’t its ok. I know you have your reasons and I won’t think any differently of you.


Here is the challenge. When you figure out your Christmas budget figure in one extra person. Pretend this person is an immediate family member. Set aside whatever you can comfortably spare for this family member in a separate envelope. Carry this envelope with you when Christmas time comes around in December and you are out and about….not necessarily Christmas shopping….just whenever you go out into town. You can always substitute a gift card or any other convenient alternative if you are uncomfortable carrying  cash around with you. I’m sure you will eventually come across a family or individual with a sign asking for help or is obviously in need of something that cash or gift cards could drastically help with. Obviously make sure to be safe and only approach them in a well lit and we’ll populated area. Walk up to them, hand them the envelope and wish them a Merry Christmas. I know some of you may be apprehensive about whether or not the person is a fraud and you don’t want to “be taken for a sucker” from someone who isn’t legit. Here’s the REAL challenge. Don’t concern yourself with whether or not they are legitimately in need or not. You cannot control their behavior and actions. You CAN, however, control your own actions and if you can set aside the apprehension and simply give for the sake of doing something nice for a complete stranger then you will take away from that an amazing feeling I promise you. I am planning on doing this and I hope some of you who read this will do so as well. If for some reason you don’t find someone in need then please take the envelope and donate it to either a food pantry, homeless shelter or any other local charity that supports those in need in your area. 


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