New project

I worked on the new welcome page for all day today. Time actually went by so fast while I was focusing designing and coding the page. I was able to get it done by end of the day and pushed everything I have to Github for review. Tomorrow, I can actually test and see if I need to fix something and also get feedback from others. I like when it’s busy like today. It makes me feel productive.

We also have a new software engineer visiting the office today. Some of us had a lunch together and talked about things to get to know each other. I have so many things to learn from others at work and I can’t wait to learn everything I want to know 😉

From a meeting with Danilo got me think about goals for work and myself. I suppose to think about it before the meeting but I have been forgetting about it for a week. I need time to get some time to think and write down about goals for work and myself. I definitely know what I want and have things in my mind but it’s not very organized to just talk about on the top of my head. This weekend seems to be a good time for that. Maybe write an another article about it.

Stayed at the office till around 7 PM. Spent last 30 mins for mostly chatting with people. It’s fun to hang out with people at work. I’m so glad to work with all these nice people.

8:54 PM now doing laundry and writing journals. I don’t really have any plans for rest of the night. It’s probably good time to think about things I want to get done this weekend beside going out.

Goodnight all!

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