Nice, France / Another attack

I’ve been trying to stay away from current events, but really it’s impossible. The news… I can’t watch it and at the same time I can’t stop watching it. Was it always THIS bad?!?! I’m guessing I notice it more now because I’m older and the world is smaller than I realized. I feel like we are killing each other at alarming rates. Police shootings are highlighted in the news, mothers who go nuts and kill their kids, school shootings, and terrorist attacks… There are always terror attacks. How do we end this? How do we make peace? Why can’t we live and let live? Why can’t we love each other.

Don’t get me wrong – a few bad apples won’t spoil the barrel. Out of the Nice, France terrorist attack we will read stories of heroism, communities will come together, we will mourn, we will show our support. We will honor it with a hash tag. Underneath it all, I’ll still feel the same way. It should never have happened, no matter what silver linings we search the clouds to find.

How do I handle all this tragedy? How do I fix this? Am I even capable of fixing this? My heart is breaking for the tired, the weak, the sad, the hurt, the dead. 



6 thoughts on “Nice, France / Another attack”

  1. I hate watching the news these days, I try to avoid it as much as possible. Too many sad stories and events going on around the world 🙁

  2. Goddess…I have the same feelings and questions, thank you for putting it so eloquently. To me it feels like times are worse but then again I too think some of that feeling may be the fact that I am older.
    I also think we are in a time when things are worse…for now.
    I know I hear all this…and then I come to work and type it up all day…discouraging. I try not to be though. Keep your positive thoughts and energy dear friend. That is your magic.

  3. It’s just not possible for everyone to love each other. It never will be too. The only way for the world to be more peaceful is for everyone to just tolerate one another. The fact is that it’s only a dream that’ll probably never happen. It’s just the way the world works, I’m afraid.

    Don’t let it get to you. I pray for those poor souls as well, but the terrorism will continue. We’re gonna be praying a lot it seems :(.

  4. Thanks EBG,
    I realize it’s not possible because for love on that level takes some serious commitment. I find too many people lament on their scars and forget to realize how deeply we all are connected. Never do I want to offend some one who is down or depressed… but there is a lot of selfishness involved in the disorder (at no fault to the person who suffers from it).

    I live by what I preach. I love and when I have a particularly hard time loving some one, I give myself a time out, try to be at their level, look through their eyes. Usually this works. It’s a very conscious act though and takes patience and effort.

    I appreciate your comments and thoughts. My prayers will be as strong as the waves.

  5. Jesus, that attitude will get you far in life. My day wasn’t going so well, but you just made it better :).

  6. YES EBG…that attitude will get her far. Great attitude and a great way with words. Thanks Goddess.

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