Thursday, 7/14/16, 9:32pm Cherry Creek State Park, Denver

So yesterday morning I woke up in Devil Tyler’s/Jay’s/Jason’s front yard and Kate and I decided to walk to downtown Trinidad for breakfast. We found a cute little cafe with gf toast and egg whites. After that we took a stroll down Main Street to see what we could see. We met up with Jason and went to his buddy Frank’s shop. Frank is a photographer and printer. We were there too long and i got bored so I went across the street to the candy shop and bought some chocolates. I met back up with them and Jason asked if we wanted to go to his other friend’s shop. Kate did but I didn’t. I went to the dispensary to get more treats and then back to Devil Tyler’s to get my phone. Then I took a nice long walk through Trinidad. 

Jason wanted to take us on a float down the Purgatoire River. We packed up two tubes and his kayak and headed up river. This river was insane. It’s only three feet deep in the deepest spots but it’s full of huge rocks and has many level three rapids. It is flanked on both banks by thorny, Russian olive bushes, and many other dangerous hazards. After several injuries, I pulled over and said I was done, how far to the nearest road. Jason felt really bad. He said there had been several storms and the river was much lower since he last ran it. I wasn’t mad; I knew he wasn’t trying to harm us, I was just done. So Kate and i walked through a rattlesnake infested (in my imagination) forest and back to the main road to wait for him to pick us up. We sat in our tubes under a shady bush for a while and got worried when he didn’t show. We started to walk back to town and he soon showed up in the FJ to pick us up. Then we went home to change and went to a pizza place downtown. It was great. I had had a gummy and was feeling pretty good and i ordered a gf pizza. Then we drove out monument lake campground. It was gorgeous. We set up camp, started a fire, and each took a hit of ecstacy that turned out to be bunk. Haha. Kate and Jason wanted to walk around and explore but I was too tired. I got in my sleeping bag and thought every little noise was a bear trying to eat me.

In the morning, I hadn’t been eaten by a bear so I made breakfast. We packed up and then followed Jason out. He took us into the San Isabel Spanish peaks park. It was beautiful. He had wanted us to have a snowball fight but couldn’t find the road that led up that high. Then we went to a small town called Cuchara for lunch. It was very cute and touristy. Then we went to another small town called La Veta. I didn’t pay much attention because I was busy trying to figure out where our next move was. We parted ways with Jason and drove to Denver to find a camp site. We secured a camp site at Cherry Creek State Park, and then left to meet Jenn B for dinner at Comida at The Source. It was awesome and we had a good time. 

Got horrible news from a good friend/co-worker that she lost her baby at five months gestation. That was heartbreaking and made me want to be home.

Kate and I have had some great discussions in the car.

Getting ready for bed now. Excited about tomorrow and that I’ll be home soon.




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