#1 (Extra)- How I Now Have to Get My Hair Cut

A little addition to my first entry seems appropriate. I was going to save this for tomorrow, but I know that I’m going to forget.


Okay, I tried something today that seemed normal at first, but gave me the results that might change my life forever. I image-searched myself. Nothing wrong, right? I just grew curious.

*sighs* Well….wow, how do you say things like these nonchalantly? I don’t know a way to put this lightly.  What I seen as the search results for my image, I’m never going to forget. It’s better that you see it for yourself, but I’m going to post a link if you’re too lazy to search it.


My life is changed forever








And I know for sure that you didn’t click that link right away. You scrolled down, didn’t ya? Tsk, tsk. Well seeing as though my hairstyle can be portrayed as feminine, I think it’s about time I changed my look, starting with a hair cut. But how should I do my hair?


No chicken jokes, okay? I already gave you one for today. Alright, fine.

I can’t believe that it’s Fryday already.

Get it? No? Okay…

3 thoughts on “#1 (Extra)- How I Now Have to Get My Hair Cut”

  1. When I Google image myself I get a variety on Sumerian symbols and a Mesopotamian goddess. Serious ego boost.

    As for hair style, I’ve no clue. I’m fearful of hair dressers and barbers so my hair is fairly long.

  2. Great. You’re a Goddess and I’m a woman XD XD XD.

    You keep it in a braid or just have it loose and flowing?

  3. Usually pulled back into a pony tail with side bangs. My hair is extremely thick and wavy. Statements have been made such as I /”you have angry hair” or my /”your hair has its own zipcode”. I’m a shift manager at a restaurant and supervise both the kitchen and front of house so containing my locks is a must. I don’t braid it too much because then I get called Wednesday or Zena.

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