There was a couple with a dog. They were together but had that irritation between them. The dog seemed to be a common denomination between them – the one thing they could agree on without hesitation. There was no affection or sweetness between them. Looking at them individually they were both intriguing and worn down. I could see a dulled vibrance in each of them. I mused this vibrance used to be turned up and imagined they met each other with personal fires inside. They were married. How long? 

She had beautiful, curly auburn hair that had potential to display romantic ringlets, but it was pulled back taut. He had dark hair and light eyes and something intense about him. Their romance used to be soft, but it had gone out. She walked away from him with a look on her face like she had just stubbed her toe. I didn’t believe she was self aware. He walked in the opposite direction with some burden, some chore or task to be handled quickly lacking inspiration. I felt badly for both of them. 


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