Friday, 7/15/16, Stagecoach Inn, Ogallala, NE, 9:56pm

This morning we got ready, packed up camp and drove to the whole foods in Glendale for breakfast and to charge our phones. Then we went to a dispensary downtown, and then to a candy shop to buy packaging for our edibles to make it look like legit candy. We walked around the 16th Street mall for a minute and then had to move the car. We then went to the big blue bear at the convention center to take the Banjo Billy historic bus tour of Denver. I’ve done the one in Boulder three times, but this was my first time doing the Denver one. There was a lot of interesting info and it was great to roll around and see Denver. The bus doesn’t have glass in the windows and it was so nice and cool. The tour guide seemed like she has her entire spiel memorized to a T and never alerts it. It felt so rote, and forced and staged. It seemed like she doesn’t really know the information, she’s just repeating a script. To bad.

Then we went and had lunch at this place called urban chow. We sat on the patio. It was gorgeous and my hamburger was fantastic. 

We then decided we would drive to Ogallala and camp at lake mcconaughy because neither of us has ever been there and it would get us closer to home. We got here too late though, and there were no sites left with electricity so we are at a really cute little hotel right on I-80.

I slept a bit in the car and I’m still so sleepy. Still nursing some injuries from the river. Owwwwch. 

Going to sleep now.



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