Happy Friday!

It’s actually Saturday now. 1:17 AM in Los Angeles. Got back from skating in Santa Monica about 30 mins ago and went thought some websites to get things done. So glad I went out for skating tonight. I feel much better after skating and sweating out crazy. Maybe I shouldn’t had a Mcdonald’s after the skate though lol

Worked on new welcome page all day at work. That actually kept me pretty busy all day till 7 PM today. This is something I didn’t really expect but I’m learning a lot by doing projects with different people. I’m pretty sure that I will find the best way to work things out here pretty soon. So far so good! My contact lenses got teared off today. Well, this is what I get from being cheap on contact lenses lol Brian gave me a ride to home for me to pick up the new contact lenses then worked till 7.

No other plans for the rest of the weekend. I want to continue to work on my new project and think about to set up new local environment for this site. Also, I need time to organize my thoughts and goals. It sounds like I will keep myself busy this weekend.

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