Marten and Fawn

 Not sure why I write these. Probably because people think I exxagerate in real life and on here no one says anything. People assume anything that’s not natural to them is not true. Anyways, The title of my entry is the Marten and the Fawn. Sounds like something out of Aesop’s fables. It’s not though. A marten is a type of animal I don’t really know how to describe and a Fawn is a baby deer. I went trail riding today by a large river up in the mountains and after lunch I decided to go upstream and swim. So I start hiking that way and eventually slide down a bank towards the river and I need to get back up it. I look over to my right and there is a little hole in the side of the bank just above the water. In it is a small speckled fawn. In order to get up the hill I need him to move so I click to him thinking he’ll run off as soon as he sees me. He wakes up and looks at me but doesn’t run. I put my palm out to him and he smells it. I reached up and patted his head and loved on him a bit. Finally he has a ‘aha!’ Moment and realizes he is supposed to be scared of humans. He scrambles to his feet and jogs off. I go upstream a little ways and see yet another speckled little fella run off. Then when I was done swimming I saw a third one that was mad at himself for falling in the river. Poor little guy was drenched. Big ears all droopy. It was pathetic looking. That’s 3 young fawns in the course of a hour. Entirely uncommon and a very awesome memory to add to my memory bank. Now on my way out I see a cute little ferret looking thing. Of course I follow it and it moves into a tree. Instead of climbing to safety he stops 3 feet above my head and just watches me. He’s a cute little sucker and I just watched him as well…Mostly because I’d never seen a baby Marten and had no idea what this thing was. Eventually I figured it out and moved off to leave it alone. He had the same idea though and he started going the same way as me. It took baby marten a minute to realize he had to go the opposite direction to get away from me. Well, That about sums up my day. Horses, Fawns and Martens. Also some fish and a very cold river. Here’s a tip from personal experience: Do NOT slide down a hill unless you want to deal with the thorns stuck in you afterwards.

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