Exploring the city

I spent entire afternoon today to explore the city. I got out of my apartment around 1 PM and started walking around the city. I walked almost an hour to Hollywood and walked back down little bit to the coffee shop where I spent couple hours to organize my thoughts and working on my personal project. I saw some coffee shops and restaurants I want to try while I was walking around. Also, checked out some shops in Hollywood and other neighborhood around there. It was fun walking around the city.

Lots of walking and lots of food at Korean bbq place in K-town. Linna invited me for the dinner with her friends. I took an Uber to the restaurant from the coffee shop in Hollywood. Fun time meeting her friends and eating lots of meat lol

Back home around 9:30 PM. I had to take a shower to get rid of BBQ smell then worked on that personal project till now at 12:05 AM. Gotta go to sleep soon for tomorrow. Goodnight all.

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