hey, im snap

-July 17, 2016. Sunday 7:28pm-

Hey, this is going to be a little weird since I haven’t wrote a journal at all.

I guess I should tell a little about who I am…


My real name is Jet, I live in the wonderful country of Canada, I’m *blank* years old, and I’m a dude, I spend most of my time sitting ay my computer wasting away time, or hanging out with my friends doing something stupid. I’m the kind of person where if you tell me to do something, I will do anything to complete the task, and I don’t mean work, or chores or anything like that, I mean if someone told me to climb the town hall or take a random pill, I would do it. some of my friends call me an idiot for doing dumb things like that, but I like the adrenaline and it also helps me get over my anxiety.

I like to game (not so much anymore though), explore and try mind altering drugs. pretty fun eh?

I think I will use this website to write mostly about my drug trips, but now that I think of it, I should probably say that I’m not some sketchy kid in the alleyway with a syringe, no no no. if you met me, you wouldn’t think once that I would even do weed. and I try to keep things like that. gives me a good rep.

but who knows, I could write about other fun adventures I have, just for the sake of looking back onto it.

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