Hurdling Through Life

So I think I may have found my calling.

I don’t understand how it has taken me this long to actually see it. I think that I may want to start a career as a Personal Trainer (PT). Problem is…I have done quite a bit of things that have probably set me back a lot. 

I’ve deleted my social media (or at least the ones with the highest follows),

I’m somewhat de-conditioned, 

and I’m majoring in hospitality – which correlates with PT in absolutely no way…

It’s like I literally jumped over one hurdle only to smack right into another one. I have no clue how I’m going to start.

Where am I going to start?

I just like the idea of giving to people what my coach and my team gave me when I was fighting through hell; A peace of mind. I watched myself get stronger and in the process had an amazing time. They made me feel like I was worth more than what I thought I was. I want to be able give that same feeling to others (as cheesy as that sounds haha).

I took multiple steps forward in one year only to take multiple steps backwards within the following two years. UGH. I annoy myself. I do stupid things in the heat of the moment and I’m very selfless with my time. I need to start focusing on me again, which is why I’m so excited to move out. 

One major move I don’t regret making is signing up for PT certification. I have to take it by August 8th, which is SOON and I’m nowhere near ready. I feel like this is a major thing for me and I already invested so much money into it. I just hope that I do well. I normally do on test, but that never stops my overwhelming anxiety. 


Goodnight Journal.

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