I remember how when “Memes” came out on the internet, I thought they were cute but no big thing. A photo with words. Suddenly very popular with some. Fashionable. How to get noticed or add notoriety to others.

After a while I started to question so many of them. There was a moment when I thought, “Oh wait, Mark Twain could not have said THAT!” “IT” the saying, was not true to his writing and literary style. I looked it up and sure enough it was something someone made-up and then added an attribution to Twain. It was a lie.

The same I found, with so many other memes.

I got so that I did not trust any famous person face photo and the words under it because ANYONE can take a face and attribute words to them. Meaning so many people creating memes are dishonest and liars. They slander. If someone says YOU said something and you know you did not, that is slander.

I recall some time ago looking at images of anonymous dead people in a photo and being horrified and morally disgusted by how those that were once ALIVE and so full of life like you or I were being used as PROPS for some idiot to have a moment of cuteness on the internet. Some moment of NOTICE. “HEY LOOK AT ME! I USED DEAD PEOPLE TO SHOCK YOU AS SOME LAME STATEMENT INTENDED AS PROFUNDITY!” The foolish insensitive people posting such did not have the empathy or compassion to look at those dead faces and try imagine them as LIVING PEOPLE that at breakfast. They laughed, cried loved and went to the toilet. They had people that loved them and very few that hated them. Even those dead seen as “Bad” were loved by someone some time. So many memes DEHUMANIZE those in the photos used.

I will often look at a meme and look past the words. Often some stock photo is used. Some anonymous person being used as a prop for what is often quaint stupidity. “Ok anonymous person: Who ARE you and who WERE you?” I often ask. How would THEY feel knowing someone took THEIR FACE and threw words under over or on it?

Photos of the Dead are often used for memes. Often (as noted before) WRONG quotes attributed to them. I wonder how the creators of lying memes would feel if THEIR faces were used with false comments attributed to them?

I wonder how it must be to be a celebrity and see a meme with their face as a person or in some roll they played. What comes to mind is that of Patrick Stewart in his role as Captain Kirk on a Star Trek TV series years ago. His face and that character are often used for cute little sayings. It gets a bit tiresome after a while. Ok Pat (and others) how DO you feel? I suspect with maturity and humor they can divorce their own momentary reality from the memes.

When someone posts a meme with a face in it, I ALWAYS look beyond the words and at the faces. Who were they and sadly if that was a real person supposedly being quoted, DID they actually say that? There is a sad distrust now of all memes. I found it exhausting to research the veracity of a few and now… I simply don’t take them seriously.

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