The non-sketchy stoner?

-July 17, 1016. Sunday 7:33-

So, as I said in my last journal, I said that I sometimes do drugs. bt I don’t do it for the sake of me being cool, or fitting in. I love the idea of drugs, the way they alter your mind and the philosophy behind them

my history with drugs isn’t all that exiting though, when I was a bit younger, I thought drugs were the worst thing in the world and I didn’t want anything to do with them. but boy did that change. the first thing I ever did was weed, and the reason I did it was because I wanted to experience it before I hated on it, so my old friend (who I no longer hang out with) told me that he had some and I could come try it with him and some of his friends, he is pretty sketchy, so were the other guys, and I thought that was one of the things weed did to you, so I was a little scared. I did it out of a pipe first, and it actually felt pretty good, feeling the smoke enter my lungs and then back out, but the coughing didn’t ahaha.

anyways, I don’t want to write a lot abut my first time, so to summarize the rest, I did about 3 and a half bowls (also we passed around a joint) but I didn’t feel anything. and it kinda sucked because I expected more from weed.

I did it 2 other times after that seeing if that was it, but the same thing happened. until one day…

It was a few months after the first time, and I ended my friendship with the sketchy kind because ONE, I don’t like sketvhy people too much, and TWO I heard that he mixes his weed with other stuff and I didn’t want any part of that. ……but anyways….. me and 5 other people (lets call them “M”, “O” “j” “C” and “K”) went over to M’s house. we were all pretty good friends, and we still are, but J brought over some weed and 2 bongs, now, O and M don’t want anything to do with drugs, so they made us go do it outside, but it was pretty fun hanging out at there place, we played videogames and we skateboarded around town.

then came the time where it finally got dark, and the 5 of us went to the park. M and O stayed there and the rest of us went into the forest. we found what we thought was a good spot and set up there. J is a very experienced stoner, so he knows a lot about everything. K has done it a few times and it was C’s first time doing it.

**EDITORS NOTE**I am not going to write a lot about what my other friends did in this, and more so focus it on my experience, only because I don’t remember it well, it was a while ago.

J gave me his second bong to use and they all used his other one. I had 4-5 bowls, and I’m not too sure what the other guys had. but when we ere finishing up, we saw tow lights go around us pretty fast and that’s when we realized they were bikes, and we were right beside a trail. so we packed up fast, and I didn’t think I could stand up, I felt so tired so I used a tree to help me up, then I noticed my legs felt like Jello. I saw C try to sand up but he fell right back down, which was pretty funny to watch. we ran out of the forest, tripping over every branch we passed and made it to the park, we told M and O what we saw and we started to walk back to M’s house.

I don’t remember much of what happened after that, but all I can say is WOW, I never felt like what I did later before, I ended up getting very high. and I though that I was definitely going to be a stone growing up. and here I am now.

I’m sorry the stories are kinda bad (I swear it was funny at the time) and I cant remember most of it, but ill be writing about what happens to me in the future.

all I can say now is, I have only done weed so far, but I am doing LSD pretty soon, and I will be doing Shrooms and Molly at some point. and I’m always doing weed. again, sorry, but I will write in full detail what happens in my next trips.


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