Unpredictability can be beautiful.

We plan so many things in life, but it always seems to not work out in which we’ve prepared ourselves. We find ourselves reaching an obstacle we never seen coming or a new happiness we didn’t see at all happening. We spend so much effort planning over and over again trying to form this ideal path-perfect, perfect, perfect. But this world, our lives, our emotions, our decisions are nothing but that. They zigzag all over the place. I often find myself dumbfounded by how REAL, how POSSIBLE, the present is compared to what I wanted- or thought I did- in the past. How miraculously it worked out for the better, leading to a much bigger picture. HOW IS THAT EVEN REAL? Like, think about it. How can we spend our lives planning something to a T, then it turns out differently, yet somehow it turns out to be exactly what we needed? The concept is extraordinary. Don’t get me wrong, its wise to have goals. It’s great to set achievements, and sometimes those do get accomplished like you planned to. However, I’ve set so many goals, yet achieved them in a different way that I had not planned to begin with, things thrown in along the way I had not prepared myself.  I reached milestones I never even planned for. There were things I used to want but now am thankful for that never happened. How INSANE is that? Am I the only one who finds this absolutely infuriatingly, beautiful? We can’t really predict anything, all we can do is set a foundation, take the steps, and go from there. We don’t know if that path will be straight, zig zagged, or completely off the radar.


3 thoughts on “Unpredictability can be beautiful.”

  1. This was written so well! And I love the Neruda quote you picked for your profile, it’s one of my favorites.

  2. You touch something we all need to think about. “It’s important to have goals and to achieve something” Lovely ! We can’t predict life, or what’s planned for us. I think it is important to have an open mind, plan Things yes, but not Down to every tiny detail. Sometimes we just have to Accept that Things “above” Not certainly god, but Things higher than us have plans for us. We just need to relax and let Things happen.

    Thank you for the lovely post ! =)

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