Vacation isn’t what it once was…

Every summer there’s place for vacation. I’ve always been having good vacation memories. But it don’t matter where we go, we don’t need to go any far. It can be just outside the city, carrying a tent, having a fire to sit around, a fish rod and just the silent night curled around you while you see the day get dismissed by the dark sky just above you. It can be visiting friends for a day or two, just sitting in the back yard sharing stories from life, watch the kids play around having fun, or even fight over small simple things, you break them up as the good parent you are, and lead them into all laughing fun play again.

I read this article once about how parents was lost and didn’t know how to get money for the vacation with their kids, how they couldn’t afford Disney World and Disney land, and you could actually see how the parents were struggling with admitting they were poor! I’m not rich, we have normal jobs with normal payments. We have bills to pay, and we have to plan what to give priority to and not. But never have I ever thought my kids needed a vacation to Disney world or Disney land, never have I thought of not having the money to take my girl on vacation. But I mean, do you really have to take them to Disney world? Really? What happen to campfires and tents and bugs in your sleeping bag? And by all means, why do we have to go on vacation at all, why not stay at home one summer? There is plenty of things to do, and if you live a bit simple it’s even for free. Look around in your area, find a picknic place, take the frisbee With you, or that old ball in your garage, take your kids out somwhere, see if there is any water they can swim in, oh what fun!

I never understood that desperate strive after the perfect vacation, it don’t need to be expensive at all. But you have to be a little bit creative still. But it’s ok not to go on the most expensive trip. It’s ok to not go to Europe because your neighbor is doing it. It’s ok not travel the world, and see everything in just a few weeks from a sailboat.

Come on parents! Get down to earth, kids don’t ask of much, but they do when you teach them too.

I’m planning a trip with my family, it’s not far and it’s not much. It’s an vacation house, and perhaps we’ll visit one family park or so. But eating our meals at the house, shopping in the local grocery store, play ball at the house and just relax. The rest of our vacation we will spend being just home in our own house. I know by giving my daughter a secure and safe summer by the house, she’ll grow on those experiences rather then seeing her parents get desperate and down in mood because they can’t afford the most expensive vacation. It’s good enough to give them a summer at your own house. I even look forward when my daughter will come asking me to put a tent in our own garden and sleep outside. And I believe that will give your kid a very good memory.

Every day I live my day thinking this is good enough, and it is. Embrace that and be thankful for the things you have. Enjoy the rest of the summer now, have fun =)

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  1. The perfect vacation is just being with your family no matter where you go. I think that the children have more fun when they are out camping and hiking in the woods or fishing in the lake. Those are the vacations they will cherish.

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