Work, Dirt and more Dirt.

A while back a man in our town had a incident in which his house burned down and 75% of his body. He’s been in the hospital now and true to small town fashion we started a online auction and all proceeds go to this man and his family. Me and some other people offered up a work day for 5 hours. We were ‘bought’ for over $500.00 and so today we went up to the local Vet’s house to work. We did all kinds of stuff from ripping out a hot tub, stacking bricks, trimming trees, painting to building furniture. I came home dirty and exhausted but nothing can beat a day of hard work. Especially when it benefits others. The hilarious take away from this? The Vet used to have a chicken that would get under the porch and lay eggs. The Hot Tub was built into the porch and the chicken laid all her legs under the hot tub. So we get it out and there are about 30 rotten eggs under there. We got to clean up under there so before we go in I warn everyone “Do NOT step on one of those”. This was a dirty enough job and I didn’t feel like dealing with the rotten egg smell. Yeah, someone stepped on one and the smell filled the area to the point where people refused to come near the porch. The three of us finally got everything cleaned up and we made sure to get as far upwind of those eggs as we could. I  thought of keeping them and sticking them in the house of the guy who stepped on one but I can’t be that cruel (And I didn’t want the smell in my truck). Finally around 1 we got done and headed home. I went out to groom my gelding this evening and spent 20+ minutes making him look gorgeous and shiny. Turned him out into the pasture when I was done and he immediately dropped down to his front legs. Knowing what he was planning I yelled “Don’t you even dare!” He turned his head and gave me a look that clearly translated “What are you going to do about it?” Then he slowly dropped and rolled while I scolded him in frustration. Needless to say, He made sure he got every inch of his body covered in dirt. On the bright side he rolled all the way over 7 times meaning he’s worth at least $700.00…That’s a old wives tale I’ll have to tell you about someday.

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