A cure for what ails me

I’m in shock right now. Serious shock.

I may have just stumbled upon one complete diagnosis that explains all the ailments that plagued me since childhood. All of my symptoms were individually diagnosed, but NOT the actual full issue. I’m stunned. I can’t say that enough.

I have been dx’ed with food allergies and sensitivities (for example my stomach throws a tantrum if I have dairy or artificial sweeteners).

I have adhd. I’m extremely hyper active.

I’m a functional Aspie (the joys of being in the autism spectrum).

I have O.C.D. Ask me about how I always have to spin the inside of a dryer.

I’m a horrible insomniac. Me and Tylenol PM are very close friends.

I have eczema.

I’m dyslexic despite being a some what efficient writer and a decent reader.

From the hours of 7 am – 1 pm I am a cranky jerk. I’ve don’t like mornings.

I’m wired at night. Not anything I consider weird especially since I detest daylight.

I am overly sensitive to sunlight and sound. Easily fixed with sun glasses.

My husband jokes I have the cold hands of death.

I’m anemic. 

Before this year, I spent the last 10 depressed, riddled with anxiety, and paranoid.

I don’t do crowds well. (I’m autism spectrum so this fits in line with that).

All my joints crack and pop. My knuckles crack when I make a fist. I always thought it was kind of cool.

I can’t eat before 12 pm. The thought of doing so makes me sick to my stomach.

I get motion sickness. My husband likes to whip the car around in circles just to watch my cheeks puff out.

Apparently all this plus more (I left out some stuff just cause I could go on and on) points to a metabolic disorder called Pyroluria which can be an underlying cause of schizophrenia, autism, bipolar disorder, and a few other things. It’s a B6 / Zinc deficiency and can be managed quieter effectively by supplements and a specialized diet. 

Funny thing is, I usually drink a Monster every day (for about a year now) and my depression has been gone for about the same time. No, I’m not saying I can fix this by chugging Monster… in fact, I should stop because the diet specifically mentions no sugar. I need to manage this in a healthy way.

So step 1 is to see my doctor and get some testing done. They need to know if I really do have this, what my levels are at, then they can work out a supplement plan to treat it. This should be very interesting…

The thing that makes this also dramatic is that pyroluria is hereditary. Deedee suffers from a similar set of symptoms as me. Not only can the discovery help me, it can help her. 

No doctor has ever tested me for this before. I could be solving an illness that plagued my family and my extended family!


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  1. Goddess, I am very interested in what you learn about this disorder especially because it may have something to do with autism. So you are an Aspie? I didn’t see that from your writing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if some vitamins would help you with your various symptoms!! The person you describe sounds just like the picture you chose for your name! That’s a compliment. You are like a brilliant, fluttering fairy. You are precious. (Don’t stay in shock too long!)

  2. I’m an Aspie, but I’m almost out of the spectrum. So very high functioning. I don’t, and have never liked to make eye contact. I will however look at your eyebrows so you feel like I am making eye contact. I was an extremely brutally honest, blunt child. I offended a lot of people. Not to be a bully or be mean. I just had limited concept of other people’s feelings. I stimmed, not much for others to really take notice, but enough to call some of my repetitive behaviors a stim. Socially as a kid, I had a hard time coming to terms with other kids. I could read when I was 2. I potty trained myself by 18 months. Doctors suggested something was off with me to my mom, but by the time they were confident to diagnosed I had learned enough social and emotional cues to have my dx limited to adhd. Later came the dyslexia – again, odd for a child who learned to read so young.
    Online, it’s easy for me to branch out. In person, I’m quiet until I’m comfortable. I have a nervous tick of laughing after I talk when dealing with new people. I don’t even know I do it.

    From what I understand Pyroluria is hereditary. Oddly enough while I have a touch of Aspie, my sister has a touch of bipolar. The depletion of b6 and zinc can make people with this disorder have huge mood swings. I’ve had mood swings my whole life til up to about 2 years ago (I thought I was just that kind of person). Coincidentally, two years ago I started to eat A LOT healthier than I have (which is huge because I am a very picky eater). I think my body may have been pushing for a solution all on its own.

    The test for pyroluria is pretty simple. I believe it’s a urine test and it reveals what levels of what (iron, zinc, b6, copper, manganese, magnesium) you have in your body. People who have pyroluria have deficiencies because the hemoglobin isn’t being metabolized properly. I hope I explained that right.

    I want a definite confirmation because it’s the doctor who tells you how much of what supplements you need. That’s not something I want to guess at. In the mean time I’ll be making some very dramatic changes to my diet (nothing harmful).

  3. Forgot to add:
    There is a history of both autism and schizophrenia in my family. I have two autistic cousins (mother’s side), an uncle with Asperger’s on my father’s side (creepy, super genius – very antisocial), and my grandfather (again, my father’s side was schizophrenic, although his condition might have been caused by an adverse reaction to medication, no way of knowing).

    Another really weird *sign / sympton* mentioned was coming from an all girl / girl look alike family. So while my sister and I do NOT look alike (not too mention I have a biological brother), my mom and all 4 of her sisters are so similar looking I had an extremely hard time telling them apart (no boys out of 5 children). Also on my mother’s side – it is predominantly females. This leads me to believe I inherited this through my grandfather (mother’s side).

  4. Oh that is very interesting to me as well. I have many of these ailments, or symptoms at least. Probably 2/3 of them. Uncertain about autism but I do know I cannot tolerate loud noise or more than one medium playing at a time which I thought was my ADHD. Regardless I am glad you have hope for what ails you and pray you find some answers soon!

  5. Thanks. These are all the little things I’ve dealt with since childhood, so for the most part I’m very use to. You might even say that I’m comfortable with it. I’ve always thought I’ve had too many dx’es… like its just too much for one person, and I know I’m far from being the only person in my position.

    So if it is in need this (and I have a huge gut feeling telling me it is) than I should step up my game and take care of it.

  6. Jesus Christ, I think you covered just about all the medical symptoms that I know! XD XD Though I have to ask, what’s autism? I keep getting different definitions online.

  7. Autism is a developmental disorder that generally leads to differences in communication and social skills. It is a neurological difference that presents significant difficulties.

    To fit criteria for an autism spectrum diagnosis you need both a social AND emotional delay. It is a very broad disorder. My cousins who are lower functioning are no verbal. They won’t look at you or acknowledge you. They can not relate to other people. The range of function is also very broad.

    Asperger’s Syndrome, like all syndromes has physical characteristics such as A typical gross and fine motor development, unusual gait. It’s also known as Little Professor Syndrome because of most people with Aspergers are actually very verbal and retain and spit out massive amounts of information. Ever seen Big Bang Theory? Sheldon has Aspergers.

    I hope that explains it.

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