A little… Or a lot? Introduction.

Bear with me. Anonymity is not my strong suit.

For all intents and purposes, I’m gonna go by Nexx. All names will be changed, but the stories factual from my point of view. A few facts to get you started so you have some idea of who I am.

  1. I am in my early 20’s.
  2. I am the mother to a beautiful daughter that is going on two, and I have a baby on the way.
  3. I work in a mental hospital.
  4. I am in a relationship.
  5. One of my children’s fathers lives with me.
  6. I’m vulgar as fuck. Not really. But be prepped anyway.

The rest you’ll find out in pieces. But those are the main bullet points.


What brings me here today? What story to tell?

Ironically I got this idea off of the MTV show Awkward. An online diary. See, I’ve always had this struggle where anytime I’d write a journal or a diary or just a random notebook of feelings and experiences, someone would crawl up my ass about something that hurt their feelings – mind you they were never given permission to read such things in the first place. So, this is my attempt to bitch, and whine, and maybe figure out my path on my own.

Music: None at the moment.

TV:  Awkward. Season one episode 7.

Mood: No idea yet.

Thoughts? Yet to come.


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