A thought on virginity

I realized i hold onto my virginity because i don’t want my kid finding out i’ve been with other women besides his/her mother. I’m not ready to be a father or a lover. I don’t want my kids to suffer what i went through nor do i want another relationship that’s just like my parents. There’s still demons in my past that i have to deal with. I want to set a good example for my kids. Being a role model doesn’t start 20 years down the line, it starts now. I want them to learn the value of sex instead of conforming to society’s pressures of who they should be.

One thought on “A thought on virginity”

  1. I admire your determination so much! Your concern for your future children is inspiring. And realizing that it doesn’t start 20 year down the road. May God greatly bless you and help you stay strong and happy.

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