between the bars.

Another day to live or to survive, it’s our choice. I prefer to be happy rather than being sad seriously. But I’ve no idea how i’m going to do that. Listening to between the bars by Elliot Smith and thinking about life yeah it’s kinda weird feeling. I never wanted it to be this way. I guess i’m just here to rant about life. Let’s just forget all about the pressure of days just like Elliot Smith sang in the song. Let’s get back to the days when we used to play with Pokemon cards and watch scooby doo. They were amazing, simply amazing. I seriously wish i could bring back that time of my life. I miss that time way too much now. I’m stuck at that phase where i don’t even know what’s going on. I just wanted life to be simple, not this much complicated. Just need prayers and a fantastic life to live, laugh and enjoy. I hope there will be days when i’ll be happy without a reason just like i am sad right now without a reason.

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